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– Find your purpose, write it down, now –

Find your goal(s) in life before doing anything else. When I say goals, I mean clear, identifiable goals. It is impossible to work toward something without having clear objectives, things you can imagine and vision for yourself. What are your goals physically? financially? spiritually? emotionally? in your relationships? in your job? What is the difference that you want to create in the world? It is great to be a hard worker, but you need to work hard toward something specific, you need to summon all your energy and direct them toward a set and specific goal, that is the first step in order to achieve it.

2. Is it worth it?

– Why is this goal worth pursuing? –

Ouss’s methods thoroughly discuss the WHY that lies behind our goals and objectives in life. Find the deep reasons behind each of your goals and that will give you meaning and a sense of purpose to see it through. This question is critical for you to ask in order to develop the inner motivation hidden inside of you. Many people choose the wrong goals mainly because they don’t truly believe in the purpose behind it.

3. Grow the image

-Close your eyes and start creating the future and picture it in your mind-

This is the third stage, but this is also one of the most important stages. You will not achieve any of your goals if you do not have a clear image of what you want, when you want it, where you want it and how excited you are for getting it. Yes, I know it is not there yet, but it will be if you act as it has already happened. Write your goal on a piece of paper in the present tense, put a date and keep that piece of paper on you 24/7, read it as many times per day and keep it as a reminder. This is not just good for motivation, but it is a mechanism for your subconscious mind to start creating the image of your final objective in the physical world.

4. Plan and act

-Sub-goals and massive actions-

No excuses anymore, this is your dream, this is your life and you are living it to the fullest, you heard me, to the fullest. So, no need to justify why you might not achieve your goal(s), because you are achieving it if you start planning and executing. If you are scared of not taking the right actions, you are not just preventing yourself from achieving your goal(s), but you are also feeding the fear inside of yourself. To make you feel better, just know that you do not need to know all the steps leading to your goal, not at all. You just need to start something, an action, a process. You need to put yourself out there, you need to ask for help, you need to at least walk the micro steps each day toward your objective, and the image will eventually become clearer and clearer.

5. Face the environment

-Your surrounding will have an impact on you, all depends on how you perceive it-

Many believe that what is preventing them from achieving their goals is the environment they are in. Which makes a lot of sense right? Toxic family, coworkers, our boss, where we live, our economic status and many other environmental stressors. So, what if all these stressors are standing between you and your goal? What should you do? In fact, this is a false problem, not to say not a problem at all. Your biggest enemy is your false perception of your environment and not your environment. It’s the story you are telling yourself about your environment that provides you with an excuse to stay in your comfort zone. In fact, the problems are just tests, to see if you have the capacity to face your fears.

6. Build the belief

-Belief is closely related to emotions, build the emotions you want to create-

What are the stories you tell yourself? What are the beliefs you are building in your mind? The words we use, say a lot about who we are, where we are going, and what we will achieve in life. If you see yourself as a victim, you will be a victim, if you see yourself as a powerful human being, you will be a powerful human. You could have gone through a very difficult past, but if you keep telling yourself that you are a victim, without a doubt, you will repeat that same past in your near future. You have the power to re-write your story and not to let your past history limit you. So, start by telling, seeing and acting like a successful person, it may sound fake at first because you trained yourself for negativity for so long, but soon enough, with repeated efforts, you will start to believe in what you can achieve.

7. Stress, Fear and Anxiety

-Use adversity to your advantage, everything is stressful at first, so fight through it-

Yes, you will feel stressed, scared and anxious in each and every step leading to your objectives. Many people stop the process because they think it is impossible to handle such stressful life. Many do not realize that stress and fear are in our genetics for a reason, we need it for survival. So instead of putting too much focus on what might happen if you do not achieve your dreams, think of how you might feel if you gave up. Exactly, that is even worst, and that is a good way to re-center yourself and keep going. Do that and fear will not be an issue anymore. Start practicing meditation, especially in the morning and at night. Meditation is a great tool to stay present and to observe destructive and negative thoughts.


– Your plans will be modified with time, accept it and move on –

Many things will change, many things will need adjustment and that is a normal component of goal achievement. Mistakes are necessary to help you adjust and modify certain things leading you to your goal(s). Do not fight against the current, instead, you need to swim with it and let go of certain beliefs and ideas that everything should be perfect. I am not implying that your methods are not working, what I am saying is that sometimes other methods will get you to obtain results way quicker and faster. That is why you need to re-adjust certain things, modify certain rules and be flexible no matter what. Successful people are always monitoring their progress, and continually re-adjusting by learning the lessons, modifying the strategies, and keep moving.


– Small everyday adjustments. Think positive, take care of yourself, eat healthier –

It is always the small things that make the big difference. In order for you to be the best you at all times require healthy habits. You need to have a balance and energy on a daily basis. Your lifestyle will determine your level of focus, bravery, passion and will determine the outcome of the actions you set toward your goals. Developing healthy habits is the best way to go if you want to enjoy the journey and not let every small thing affect you. You will go through setbacks, you will fail, you will be rejected, and you will bounce back even stronger with the right mindset. So, make some changes in the way you eat, the amount of sleep, your exercise routine and whatever will get you to achieve a peak state. So what new habits you can implement in your life?

10. Embrace uncertainty

– Many things will want to shake you, remember your WHY –

Embrace everything that has an impact on your goal(s). Walk as if you have already achieved it, talk like you already achieved it and think as if it is already here. Embrace uncertainty, accept the fact that you will not have control of many of the things that will happen to you.No matter how much you may try to control your environment, you can’t. Embracing life’s uncertainty will liberate you and give you more control over what you can do as a response to any situation. It will liberate you from playing the victim and being ok with not knowing what is next.


– Keep it simple and finish what you start. Priorities first –

Have at least one thing you must do each day. If it is the same thing, divide it into days. Goal achievers finish what they start, so make sure you remove the unwanted distractions and fulfill your daily schedule. Make sure you rest, and you do not overwork yourself. Let’s keep it plain and simple, if you do not set priorities during your day, you will end up working to fulfill other people’s priorities. That is how our society works. And if you play the game by its rules you will end up having people fulfilling your priorities. This is the difference between someone who prioritizes vs someone who is just cruising by and filling in the blanks. The better you become at prioritizing, the more you will attract people to help you. That is how you will start developing a team to help you.


– Attract success by vibrating success –

Be grateful for everything. Most people focus on what is missing and fail to see what they have. Look to what you have and be thankful for it. Remember that your end goal is to find balance in your mental, physical and emotional life. To do so you need to start practicing happiness and restfulness. Jealousy, self-pity, resentment, negative mindsets and the feeling of powerlessness are all walls you are building to slow down the process of goal achievement. Yes, you heard me, when you think negatively of others you are not hurting them, but you are hurting yourself. Same thing when you think negatively of yourself. You are hurting yourself by having such a self-destructing mindset toward yourself and others. Let go of that by changing your way of thinking and by being happy for others’ achievements. It is hard at first because you are not used to it yet, but slowly you will start seeing changes happening in your life and everything you want for others will manifest into your life.