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Sometimes we put so much on our shoulders that we feel stuck and unable to move forward. The inability to move forward is one of the hardest things someone can go through. It is unhealthy to feel that way, and without maximizing our energy, we find ourselves wasting it. So how can we maximize our energy? Find out your strengths, the things you love to do and what brings you joy. As soon as the list is clear to you, look at what you’re having trouble with. Find out the things that you hate to do and find ways to get someone else to help you do them. Find new ways to get those things done without wasting your energy on them. That is called resourcefulness. It is you acknowledging that you cannot do everything by yourself, that your time is precious and that you need help. Maximize your energy with better sleep, more reading, meditation, healthy eating, positive social circles and powerful affirmations. Become a master resource finder and you will become a master energy saver.


One crucial element for a better life is to stop being a victim of your past. Many people are victims of their past experiences; others are victims of their environment, and others are victims of themselves. A healthier lifestyle means a healthier mind, and a healthy mind lives in the present and looks toward the future. As soon as you realize that the past is full of resources and that your environment is full of resources, you will also realize that your life is a gift. When you start shifting the way you perceive things, you can begin aligning yourself with your present. Your mind will need an objective to pursue; if not, it will keep bringing up the past and will start putting you in the victim’s shoes. That is why you need to start consciously creating the life you want. How do you see yourself in one, two or three years? How do you see your body, your achievements, your happiness level, your financial situation and your life in general? What goals would you like to accomplish? Why do you need to accomplish them? By creating a vision for the future, you become a creator, and you’re no longer a victim. You make things happen, rather than waiting for the outside world to magically save you from your demons.


The last principle is the body. Your body is the machine that moves through time and space in order to materialize what was once imagined. The body is not the servant of the mind. On the contrary, the body has the ability to control our thoughts and emotions. You can say to yourself “now go the gym” and your body won’t execute that order. Why? Because the body learns, stores and has its own programs. So start by using your body to work with you and not against you. How? Change your posture and the way you walk. Exercise constantly and take care of your hygiene and nutrition. The body is observing your every move, so teach it what you want it to do and it will start carrying out your orders unconsciously. Start with little things, slowly move up to more complicated things. Eventually, your body will simply execute your orders. Your number one goal is to align your nervous system with your thoughts. To do this, you need to practice using your breath, posture, facial expressions and your whole body in ways that can serve you. Master the machine and you will master the game.