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Breathing is a crucial component of a healthier, happier and more productive life. Without oxygen, our hearts stop, our brains break down and our bodies cease to function. Why? Because oxygen is life. To develop a healthier heart, brain and body, it is crucial to work on breathing correctly, to pay more attention to your breathing and to practice conscious breathing. We all get busy with our lives, forgetting that life itself lies in breathing. Better breathing leads to better decision-making, a clearer mind, a healthier body, better sleep, better digestion and many more benefits. Start today by paying more attention to your breathing. Take 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night for conscious breathing. Take a few minutes while you’re driving or working to take deeper breaths. Give importance to this small part of your day, and you will see drastic improvements in your life. One way to improve your breathing is to add meditation to your daily routine. Remember that oxygen is distributed to all the cells in your body, meaning that breathing is a vital component to a happier life, stress management, improved immunity and injury prevention.


Imagine an expensive car made with the best components by the best designers and engineers. Now imagine that the person who bought the car is using the cheapest gas and the cheapest oil and not giving the engine the care it deserves. What will happen to the car? Will it perform well? Of course not. The person will be lucky if the car is still drivable after a few years, or even a few months. The same rule applies to your body. Your body is a finely engineered machine. Your blood, organs, intestines, muscles and tendons and all of your bodily functions are working together in harmony. In order for our bodies to perform and stay efficient, healthy, strong and full of energy, we need to start eating and drinking better. Every day, drink half of your body weight in water in order for your body to cleanse itself. No diet can succeed without the appropriate water intake. Increase your water intake right now and keep track of the impact on your body. Each body is unique. Think of it as a car. Would you treat a Ferrari the same way as a Toyota? Of course not. Start today and breathe new life into your body.


Toxicity means harm. When we are constantly subjected to harmful things, we start shifting toward an unhealthy life. It is subtle, but after a while, you notice it. You can eat unhealthy food for one day, but if you keep doing it constantly, you will begin seeing the impact it has on your body, mind and life in a matter of weeks. Toxicity is found in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the substances we inject and many other things around us. The best way to start removing toxicity is to first acknowledge it is there. Many people make excuses, claiming that smoking isn’t harmful because they believe it helps them in some way. Start by slowly scaling down your bad habit. Your intention should be to remove it completely, but the process takes time. Then find a healthy replacement. Many people replace toxicity with toxicity; they may smoke less but start eating unhealthy food and gain 30 pounds. Find your balance and seek out healthy coping mechanisms for your mind and body. Seeing a professional is a great option too.


When our thoughts reflect our actions, we are truly in touch with who we are. Furthermore, doing things out of love and caring is a crucial element to happiness. When we find ourselves doing things that we hate deep inside, with time we develop negative body language, leading to increasing dissatisfaction. Many studies have shown that the number one element that predicts happiness is not money or material goods, but acts of caring. Buying food for someone, helping someone or just being there for them has a tremendous emotional impact, not only on the person being helped, but also on you. Make sure that your actions come from a place of love for others and for yourself. Give yourself the chance to do what you love and your life will instantly shift. Exercise frequently, eat healthy and sleep better and you will feel happier. Why? Because you’re showing love to yourself.