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Happiness is a big word created by simple gestures

There are many simple tools and skills that will help you develop a happier lifestyle. Ouss Zoglami and his team don’t claim to hold the keys to happiness. Rather, this article is an attempt to help you understand that the road to happiness starts with you. The road to happiness is a beautiful road filled with love and self-knowledge, and it all starts with your state of mind.



The monkey mind is the voice we hear inside of our head. This voice is also called our internal dialogue. It keeps up a constant running commentary, describing and criticizing us and our environment. One can have positive and negative internal dialogues at the same time. In order to find greater happiness, we need to regain control over our monkey mind. Taking back control starts with observation, then understanding, then acknowledging. The final step is to change the negative internal dialogue into a positive one.


Your body is more than just a machine. Your body is a very intelligent entity, with the ability to store, compute and communicate complex information.

The body is a crucial element of change. Many people do not pay much attention to their bodies because they do not see drastic changes right away. That is why pharmaceutical companies are so successful; people take a pill and they notice a physical change. However, when someone tells us that just by modifying our posture we will feel better, and that with time we will notice drastic changes both physically and emotionally, we don’t take it seriously.

Modifying your posture and body language is only the tip of the iceberg. The physical body needs to play a positive role, no matter how negative our emotional state might be. Experiences create new emotions, and in order to create new experiences, you need to get out of your daily routine. You need to use your body to transform old negative patterns into new positive ones.


You are unique and your potential is infinite

Ouss Zoglami is a strong advocate of holistic practices. If you want to address anything that might be bothering you in your life, you need to work holistically on every aspect of your life. The four major areas to consistently work on in order to master inner peace are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. Inner peace comes from working on yourself. The mistake many people make is to keep working exclusively toward their objectives without working on themselves at the same time. In order to achieve inner peace, you need to first live in the present moment while aligning your state with your actions and with the results you want. Actions are worthless without the right knowledge, a healthy body, a positive mind, a positive emotional state and a deep connection with God, the universe or whatever holds the deepest meaning for you.


All it takes is a reset button and a plan for inner abundance

Once you are free from all the conditioning and expectations you are putting on yourself, you will feel more alive and connected. Freedom is a state of mind, and it is your decision to live it. When you try to control everything, you suffer, because as soon as your expectations are not fully met, you take it all out on yourself and others around you. When you realize that you are full of abundance in every area of your life, you will find out that in order to get what you truly want, you need to detach yourself from it.

Start by writing down the emotions you want to feel, the thoughts you want to constantly have and the things that excite you most. The goal here is to make you aware that there are options and that you can break the negative cycle by replacing it with a positive one. A person who adopts an abundant mindset is grateful for what they have and easily gets what they want. Stop everything! Look at your life and be thankful for what you have. That is the first step in creating a more abundant state of mind.