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About what we do

For all those unhappy with their overall quality of their life or looking to get the edge in their business, performance, relationships or just to deal with any issue they have, we are the experts that will help you.

Our team is passionate about one thing: IMPACT. Having an impact on you, find a meaning to their lives and leave the world better than how it was. It is a simple value that we use to hire and train our family members. We are all brothers and sisters expanding slowly but quality is always first. This family began with Ouss Zoglami and now it is bigger and therefore, more powerful.

About Ouss

Ouss Zoglami is a mind, body and soul explorer. He did his studies in psychology, neurolinguistics, hypnosis, naturopathy and many other areas exploring the mind-body interactions. Ouss is also a keynote speaker, business consultant and human performance expert. Ouss works with businesses, professional athletes and people looking to improve the quality of their lives. While exploring the fascinating world of personal development and high performance, Ouss was a former professional athlete in tennis. He stopped his career just before reaching his highest level to pursue something that connected with him more: the helping profession.

As a kid, Ouss suffered a lot of discrimination, racism and bullying, while being diagnosed with severe ADHD. Ouss himself at the young age of 13 convinced his family not to get him under medication. That is when the journey of self-control, focus and personal development began in the life of Ouss, for him it was the only way to overcome failure at school and as an athlete. At 22 years of age, Ouss began helping young college students as a therapist and began coaching the university tennis team. The same year, the Columbus State University men’s tennis won the national championship for the first time in their history, while the woman made it to the semifinal also for the first time. At 23 years old Ouss also began his business as a consultant and high performance coach for small businesses, athletes and speaker for large crowds.

He had to face many adversities and difficult moments that made him stronger. The crowds and businesses became bigger and bigger and that is when Ouss opened office in Montreal, Canada and continued his studying in subjects like hypnosis, NLP, intuitive energy, EMDR and naturopathy practices. After his multiple success as a human performance expert, Ouss appeared in many journals including LAQLIC who assisted at one of his 2h conferences and were amazed by the energy, the quality of the topics, the clarity and the dynamism that Ouss brings on stage.

If you would like to speak to someone about having Ouss consult to your business or speak for you at an event

“I have a mission, you are my mission. Whoever you are, whatever you’ve been through, deep inside I know that together, we will change the world.”

– Ouss Zoglami –

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