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Ouss Zoglami’s goal is to help people get in touch with their true potential.
Energetic, brilliant, engaging and transparent. Ouss uses many strategies to
trigger the audience and create a lasting impact on them.

Ouss Zoglami started his speaking career at the very young age of 22. Since he
was a kid he spoke during competitions and oratory duals. He had the chance to
share the stage with many motivators, professional athletes and influencers.

High class speaker, pioneer of personal development, business/sport’s mindset
expert Ouss traveled to several countries to help, support and share his inspiring
story with others. While being a mental health expert, a hypnotherapist, a master
NLP trainer, a former professional athlete, business mindset consultant and a
performance coach, Ouss can assure you that he is the right fit for you.

I am honoured that you want to work with me.

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